One Shot Circuit Breaker Reclosers

units1Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. is proud to be recognized for the affordability of our single phase oil circuit reclosers! We pride ourselves on offering a superior product that’s more affordable and just as reliable as buying direct from a manufacturer. We’re your foremost resource for buying one shot OCR breakers!An essential component of many high-voltage lines, we are able to offer our customers one shot circuit breaker reclosers at a much more feasible price point. Moreover, we can also retrofit all styles of units (H, 4H, L, E) with a one-shot, to help you maximize your investment and achieve stability from your electrical installations.More than just offering our customers one shot OCR breakers and retrofitting for reclosers, we’re also pleased to be your foremost authority on the subject. Contact us today at 618-664-9860 for more information about our services, capabilities or to speak with our resident experts regarding this technology.

Contact Central Illinois Reclosers, Inc.

Ph: (618) 580-0265

For your OCR maintenance, repairs, or service needs, please contact:

  • President: Jeff Hulvey
    [email protected]
  • Exec Secretary: Josh Hulvey
  • Non-Reclosing Feature (One Shot) Specialist: Jeff Hulvey
  • VP of Administration:
    Chelsie Hulvey

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