Why Use Oil Circuit Recloser Equipment Over Circuit Breakers?

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Questions about oil circuit recloser equipment often center around whether simple circuit breakers can be just as adequate. However, since reclosers work to prevent a short and keep power going, they are often a better choice for some industries and essential services. Here are five reasons why purchasing reclosers may prove superior to settling for circuit breakers:

  • Maintain power flow: Reclosers, at their most basic, are circuit breakers with additional features. The circuit breaker function prevents a short from affecting equipment. This can keep it safe from being damaged and protect your electrical system, too. However, what the circuit breaker does not do is restore power to the line. Reclosers work in two steps by first stopping the overcurrent and then restoring the line as long as the fault clears up. This works in 80 percent of cases, so you will have power restored quickly in a majority of events.
  • Shorten power outages: The restoration occurs when the fault clears. This could be within minutes or hours and does not require additional intervention unless the line is significantly damaged. That means that minor electric shorts will mean minimum disruption when you have a recloser. If you only install circuit breakers, you likely need a follow-up appointment to have power restored.
  • Better for weather events: When a tree branch falls on a line or high winds wreak havoc, these are temporary issues that can often be resolved quickly. Many times, the only additional step needed when power succumbs to weather is to remove the branch or other barrier that compromises the line. The recloser keeps the breaker open until the problem is solved. In essence, it makes recovery from weather events much easier.
  • Perfect for multi-network interfaces: If your business or municipality maintains control equipment with many networks, a recloser makes managing and protecting them much easier. It allows for more automation in the event of a short and reduces technician involvement when there is a power outage. You will not have to spend significant time locating the source of a power surge because the recloser will already take care of that for you.
  • Better customer service: Our world is becoming more dependent on technology to distribute products and collect payments. A power outage can shut down servers and isolate us from our customers and the rest of the world. With a recloser, any disruptions to these systems is very temporary. If you are dependent on maintaining a web presence and being available to people online, installing recloser equipment will prove essential to your image and bottom line.

If you need oil circuit recloser equipment, it is available new and refurbished. This helps your options fit into your budget. It is likely, though, that you will find the reclosers pay for themselves pretty quickly with less down time and better service.

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