Our History as an Oil Circuit Recloser Service

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At Central Illinois Reclosers Inc., we have more than a decade of experience in servicing, repairing and restoring electric power suppliers throughout Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Dakota. Throughout that time, we have continued to build on our expertise and form new business relationships that have allowed us to continue growing our company.

We were initially founded in January 2005 by Jeff Hulvey, who still serves as the owner-operator of our company. At the time, Jeff already had 20 years of experience in maintaining oil circuit reclosers (OCRs), and decided the time was right to venture out and start his own company.

He’d began maintaining OCRs in 1985, and 10 years later he was training in the machine shop, building non-reclosers and eventually working his way up to a shop supervisor position. In the late 1990s, he was focusing most of his time on both rebuilding existing units, as well as supervising and focusing on developing a one-on-one relationship with customers.

Interacting with the customers directly was what gave Jeff the entrepreneurial bug. He was able to talk to them personally and see that their needs were being met, and in time, he became quite good at it. By starting his own company in 2005, he was able to make sure he had a whole service that he was in charge of that would fulfill his standards of customer care at all times. He ensured that, in every job, the company would live up to his standards of service, respect and quality, three characteristics in which the company continues to take pride to this day.

Where we are now

Today, our company continues to grow, thanks to Jeff’s tireless work to satisfy every customer who calls or emails us and asks about our services. Now, Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. has a fully operational, state-of-the-art machine shop that we use to customize the non-reclosing feature for various types of reclosers. All of this equipment is digitally mastered to achieve 99.9 percent accuracy on all orders.

We also help companies to establish a regular maintenance program. Every company, without exception, should have a three to five year maintenance program in place, and Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. can help by developing a scheduled maintenance program for all of your equipment. This is extremely important, because by getting regular maintenance, your reclosers stay in service longer, and help to reduce system outages and blinking lights. Inevitably, this improves your company’s profitability and produces better customer satisfaction while cutting overtime and outage costs.

Our services include repairs, testing, maintenance and the sales of new and reconditioned oil circuit reclosers for single phase and three phase.

We have certainly come a long way since our 2005 founding, but that has its roots decades back in years of work put in by Jeff into this specialized industry. If you are interested in what we have to offer, contact Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have for us.

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