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At Central Illinois Reclosers Inc., we have years of experience in providing maintenance and repair services for oil circuit reclosers, as well as OCR building and reconditioning. Because of our vast knowledge of a variety of applications, we are able to offer a correspondingly vast range of services, all of which live up to our commitment to quality for all of our customers.

Here are the services we offer at our oil circuit recloser repair company:

  • Oil circuit recloser maintenance, testing and repair: At Central Illinois Reclosers Inc., we have a fully operational, state-of-the-art machine shop that we use to customize the non-reclosing feature for many different types of reclosers. All of the equipment we have at our shop is digitally mastered, which enables us to complete jobs with 99.9 percent accuracy. With the assistance of these resources, as well as our overall mastery in and experience with oil circuit recloser operations, we are able to identify the need for oil circuit recloser maintenance and repair and provide long-term solutions to all of our customers.
  • Oil circuit recloser maintenance programs: Every company should put together a maintenance program for its oil circuit reclosers, focusing on having that maintenance performed every three to five years. What makes this so important is that, by having such a maintenance system in place and actually sticking to it, reclosers stay functional for much longer, which reduces the amount of blinking lights and system outages you experience. Regular maintenance of these reclosers maximizes the profitability of your company and provides better customer satisfaction thanks to reducing the frequency of outages, as well as reducing overtime costs. Simply work with our company to develop a scheduled maintenance program for all of the equipment you have, and you will be well prepared for the future.

Why Choose Central Illinois Reclosers Inc.?

Why specifically should you choose the services of Central Illinois Reclosers Inc.?

First and foremost, we have a commitment to outstanding customer service that is unwavering. Whenever you work with us, we promise to work as hard as we can to meet all of your needs, and to be a highly communicative partner with you, whether it’s for maintenance, repairs, installation or simply answering any questions you have.

Second, the owner of our company, Jeff Hulvey, has been working on oil circuit reclosers since the 1980s. With more than three decades of experience in OCR repair, you can trust that every time you choose to work with Central Illinois Reclosers Inc., you are working with a team that knows what it’s doing and will get the job done right. The last thing you want is to go with a company that doesn’t already have an outstanding reputation for this sort of work.

If you have any questions about oil circuit recloser repair or what makes Central Illinois Reclosers Inc. the best choice for your project, we encourage you to reach out and contact our oil circuit recloser repair company today. We look forward to answering your questions!

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